About Us

Owl & Thistle General Store is a modern take on an old-fashioned concept of a community oriented store offering a wide variety of products under a single roof.

Nestled in the heart of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, we specialize in local, sustainable, and fair trade items at a reasonable price. Our mission: help you to feel good about what you buy by giving you the piece of mind that it is made with love in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manner.

At Owl & Thistle, we scour the globe as well as our own backyard to bring unique items to Brooklyn. From locally made frocks and edibles, to organic soaps and play dough, we strive to provide sustainable goods at fair prices – without sacrificing quality. Our latest find: colorful silk scarves made by women’s cooperatives in India and greeting cards crafted from sustainably harvested wood.

Our proprietress, Keri Cavanaugh, is well acquainted with local products and fair trade. A long time independent clothing designer and former Peace Corps volunteer, she brings her love of practical yet beautiful things for yourself or gifts to Owl & Thistle General Store. You can be assured she will bring a collection of carefully chosen products that cater to all members of the community.

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